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Attractions Nearby

Palma Hotel is conveniently situated 5 KMs away from Port Said’s International Airport and El Gameel Area, 6 KMs away from Port Said’s Port, and 1.5 KMs away from the center of the city of Port Said. The corniche of Port Said is 8 KMs walk along the harbour, dotted with restaurants, markets, and historic sights. The port of Port Said on the Mediterranean enjoys an impressive sight of the passing-by of the large container ships into the Suez Canal. The visit of the historical and religious sites of Port Said, in addition to its local bazaars, is a great way to explore the city and its local attractions.

New Fish Market

It is one of the biggest fish markets in the middle east. The market features 82 trade shops, 104 pedestrian vendor shops, 30 wholesale shops, and two restaurants; they are located near the canal of Port Said, an important landmark and a vital source of income and trade in the city.

Lighthouse Of Port Said

The first building in the world, built in 1869, with reinforced concrete, and is the oldest remains in the city. The Lighthouse is one of the famous icons and landmarks, located directly on the Suez Canal.

Ferdinand de Lesseps Jetty

The jetty was constructed in 1899 on the Suez Canal, featuring the statue of Ferdinand de Lesseps at its far end.

Military Museum

Inaugurated in 1964, the museum consists of many halls, showcasing ancient and recent battles, fought by the Egyptian Army and the citizens of Port Said.

National Museum

A historical museum with over 9,000 archaeological items, showing pre-historic and ancient Pharaonic culture, and narrates the story of Port Said.

War Memorial Obelisk

The obelisk, built mimicking the shape of the ancient Pharaonic obelisks, and commemorating the martyrs of Port Said.

El-Abbasy Mosque

Built in 1904 by Abbas II of Egypt, it was the second mosque for Muslims in Port Said.

The Latin Cathedral

This magnificent cathedral was built in 1934.